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Press & Praise

  • "Building on the design of its red wine predecessor, the new Vinturi White Wine Aerator's modified internal design and air ducts accommodates white wine's unique composition with more vigorous aeration, and mixes just the right amount of air with whites to enhance their character."
    —Wine Enthusiast

  • "I’ve been writing on wines and spirits for over a decade, and I’ve seen gizmos good and bad come down the pike. But this is an actual breakthrough of sorts and at a price where you really can’t go wrong. I recently asked a respected sommelier his opinion and he begrudgingly and anonymously gave it the thumbs up, acting as if the device might put him out of a job. Cheers!"

  • "Orson Welles might have served no wine before its time, but when your guests arrive early (or you're just dying for a glass of Rioja), this aerator will make wine table-ready in seconds."
    —The Oprah Magazine

  • "If you hate to wait for a wine to breathe, you’re in for a treat: the Vinturi Wine Aerator. With this handy device, you can insert air into the wine in a matter of mere moments."
    The New York Times

  • "I didn’t think the complex and lingering flavors of a 16-year-old Lagavulin single malt Scotch could get any better. After all, this is one of the consummate classic whiskys, renowned for its smoky, peaty personality. But when I poured a dram through the Vinturi Spirit aerator, my skepticism faded. I was astonished by the subtle but distinct enhancement of flavor. It was like jumping from DVD to Blu-ray. I felt it was my duty to collect subjective data that in fact what the Vinturi Spirit can do for a fine single malt Scotch can be repeated with bourbon, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, sake, cognac and liqueurs. In each case, the aerated booze was immediately apparent. And I’m not just blowing smoke here — the damn thing really worked."
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    —Wired Magazine

  • "It's an affordable, convenient way to enrich a glass of wine. Vinturi is used in more than 70 wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley, California."

  • "It does the work of a decanter in a lot less time."
    Los Angeles Times

  • Vinturi's on TV

    Vinturi's Tower Set was recently featured on the new USA show, Colony.

  • Watch the Vinturi Aerator in action...